DNSDUN DNS protocol

Statement and commitment
1. You confirm, in before you register as a user to accept DNSdun this service, you have read, understand and accept in full the whole content of this agreement, once you use this service, indicates that you agree to follow all conventions of this agreement.
2. You agree that the company has the right to unilaterally change the content of this agreement at any time, and to publish in the form of this web site announcement, no additional inform you alone; If you change after the announcement in content of this agreement continue to use this service, you have fully read, understand and accept the revised content of the agreement, the content of the agreement will also follow the modified using this service; If you don't agree to modify the content of the agreement after, you should stop using this service.
3. Your statement, you agree to accept this agreement and register as a user, DNSdun you legally is the full capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct and independently bear civil liability of natural person, legal person or other organization; This agreement does not reject by your country or region. Do not have the condition, you should immediately terminate registration or stop using this service.

Registration related
Before using this service, you must first register and obtain the company to provide you "DNSdun account" (hereinafter referred to as the account), you agree to:
1. In the service registry prompt accurate after get the account and provides timely update your correct, current and complete information. If there is reasonable reason to suspect that the information you provide error, inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, the company has the right to suspend or terminate provide you with some or all of the "resolution services. The company assumes no responsibility to this, you will bear so any direct or indirect expenditure.
2. Because you do not update data, leading to the service could not provide or with any error occur, you may not use this as a reason for compensation, you will bear the resulting consequences, the company does not undertake any responsibility.
3. You should be responsible for your DNSdun account, only you can use your DNSdun account, the account shall not transfer, not a gift, not inherited.
If you agree, you lose all or part of the capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct, the company shall have the right to according to the effective legal documents (including but not limited to effect of court judgment, effect of a will, etc.) to dispose of your DNSdun account related information.

Account security
You will use the account and password for all operations and take full responsibility of comments, you agree to:
1. The company through your user name and password to identify your instructions, please keep your user name and password, for the loss caused by a password leaked, shall be borne by you. You promise not to disclose to any other person the account and password, do not use anyone else's "DNSdun account and password.
2. If you find any others theft or misappropriation of your account and password or any other circumstances without lawful authority, should immediately notify the company in effective way, require the company to suspend related services. At the same time, you understand the company requires action on your request, a reasonable time before this, our company have been run for instruction and (or) caused by your loss does not undertake any responsibility.
3. Service exception handling: when you use this service, may be due to the system itself, the ISP operators related assignments online network connection problems or other force majeure factors, can't provide this service. You make sure you have input your information is correct, if caused by wrong information of the company to the abnormal situation occurs, unable to inform you the relevant way to subsequent processing business, the company is not liable for any damages.
4. You agree, based on the needs of the operation and security, the company can temporarily stop or limit the service features, or provide new functions, in any function reduce, add or change, as long as you still use this service, said you still agree to this agreement or the agreement after the change.

DNSdun use restrictions
1. When you are using this service shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the laws of your country or region and relevant international conventions, don't use this service for any illegal purpose, also do not use this service in any illegal way
2. You may not use this service in infringes on the lawful rights and interests of the behavior, otherwise, the company shall have the right to refuse to provide this service, and you shall bear all relevant legal responsibility, thus leading to the company or the company users damaged, you should bear the liability for compensation. Such activities include, but are not limited to:
(1)Infringes on the reputation, privacy and business secret, trademark rights, Copyrights, patents and other legitimate rights and interests.
(2)To be in breach of the confidentiality obligations in accordance with the law or contract.
(3)In the name of another person to use this service.
(4)To engage in illegal behavior, such as pornography, gambling, virus, hang horses, reactionary, plugins, private servers, and provide any services to private servers (such as pay, SEO) of similar sites.
(5)Provide gambling information or in any way seduce others involved in gambling.
(6)Engaged in any may contain computer viruses or infringing upon the service system, the behavior of materials.
(7)The company a legitimate reason to think that other inappropriate behavior.
3. You understand and agree that the company does not caused by the following any situation liable for any damages, including but not limited to, traffic, access, data loss or loss of other intangible damages (whether the company has been told the possibility of such damages) :
(1) The company has the right to unilaterally based judgment, including, but not limited to the company that you are already in violation of the provisions of this agreement expressly and spirit, pause, interrupt or stop to provide this service to you or any of its parts, and remove your information.
(2) The company was found in the illegal sites or have doubt or concern in violation of the provisions of laws or this agreement, shall have the right to suspend or terminate the domain name in advance without any notification, and refused to you use some or all of the functions of this service.
(3) When necessary, the company to terminate without prior notice to provide this service, and pause, closed or delete the account and all relevant information and files in your account, and will you stay in all the lawful money of the account to return to your bank account.
4. If you need to log off your DNSdun account should be agreed by the company audit. The company cancel the account, which show that the agreement between the company and you have been lifted, but you still should take during your use of the service behavior of possible breach of contract or liability for damages, at the same time the company can still keep your information.

The right of privacy protection
Once you agree to this agreement or use of this service and that you agree to the company according to the following terms and conditions to use and disclosure of your personal information.
(1) The user name and password
When you register for DNSdun users, we will ask you to set the user name and password to identify your identity, please fill in your information correctly, so that when you lost your password to confirm your identity. You only can be used by you to set the password to the account, if you spill the password, you may lose your personal identification information, and could lead to adverse legal consequences for you. The account and password for any reason by potential or real danger, you should immediately get in touch with our company, before the company act, the company is not responsible.
(2) The registration information
When you register the account shall be provided to the company of your real name, phone number and E-mail address, you can also choose to fill in the relevant additional information. For a targeted offer new services and the opportunity, you understand and agree that the company will be sent to you by your email address or the phone to inform you that information.
(3) advertising
The company will be comprehensive statistical data of the DNSdun user's identity, because of the need for sales and incentives and use or disclosure.
(4) The use of cookies
You understand and agree that the company use cookies to make this site more friendly for users, it can help you for using our service and repeated input registration information and follow up the status of your browser.
(5)To more effectively provide services to you, you agree that the company has the right to your registration and use of this service is provided, in the process of information provided to the company affiliated company. Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, the company is not public or provide your information to third parties, except the following:
A、First get your clear mandate.
B、Only disclose your personal information, can provide you need products and/or services;
C、According to the requirements of this agreement to disclose;
D、According to the provisions of the laws and regulations;
E、According to the requirements of the competent department of the government;
F、To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and its affiliates;
G、You use DNSdun account after a successful login to other sites.

Information storage and exchange
Your information and the information stored in its own server, in order to meet the demands of the backup, the company may be your information and data transfer to the servers in other countries.

The company only according to the existing technology to provide the corresponding security measures to keep the company information is not lost, don't be abused and altered. These safety measures include the backup data to other servers and the user password encryption. In spite of these security measures, but the company does not warrant that the information is absolutely safe.

System disruption or failure
System because of the following conditions can't normal operation, so that you can't use the service, the company is not liable for damages, the conditions including but not limited to:
1. Our company in this web site announcement system during downtime.
2. Equipment malfunction can't for data transmission.
3. Because of the typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, floods and power outages, war, terrorist attacks and other force majeure factors, the company system obstacle can not execute the business.
4. Due to hacker attacks, website upgrade, bank issues caused by reasons such as service interruptions or delay.
Limitation of liability and limitation of liability
1. The company only the responsibility scope as specified in this agreement.
2. Due to the DNS server service to you due to failure of large scope of the domain name cannot resolve more than 48 hours, in addition to the VIP you have the right to request the company to give financial compensation.
The trademark, intellectual property protection
1. All content on this site, including but not limited to, books, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, arrangement of the website picture, web design, all by the company or the company affiliated enterprise with its intellectual property rights according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, etc.
2. Without going through the company or the company consent in writing of the affiliated enterprise, anyone shall not use, modify, copy, change, spread and spread them among the public, issued or published program or this website content.
3. Respect intellectual property rights is the duty of you, if there are any violation, you shall bear the liability for damages.